Classes  taught by teachers from Aktobe

In the spring semester of 2017-2018 academic year in the framework of the program of academic mobility of teaching staff in the period from 29.01 to 11.02.2018 teachers of the Kazakh-Russian University from Aktobe, Gulmira Moldabekova (discipline “Accounting” in Kazakh), and Elena Nikolaevna Pilipenko (discipline “State regulation economy” (in English)) began to conduct classes for students of the Faculty of Social Sciences on specialties 5В050600-Economics, 5В050900-Finance, 5В050700-Management, 5В050800-Accounting and Audit.

G.B.Moldabekova conducts a series of lectures and seminars on the topics: “Basics of Accounting”, “Accounting Principles”, “Accounting”, “International Financial Reporting Standards”. E.Pilipenko held a scientific seminar on the topic: “Using the method of project technology in the teaching of economic disciplines.” At the end of the seminar, the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor M. Toplu expressed gratitude to G.B.Moldabekova and E.Pilipenko for their active participation in the academic mobility program and handed them personal certificates.

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