Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the University

On February 8, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the University was held in the small hall of the Cultural Center. In his work participated teaching staff, postgraduates and doctoral students of the university. The seminar was conducted by the Chairman of the Council, Vice-President for Science and Innovation, professor T.P.Raimberdiev. In accordance with the agenda, 1st-year doctoral students of Zh.Alibekov, B.Sharkhanov, R.Hazretalikyzy, A.Sadibekov made reports on the scientific work and shared the results of their scientific research, acquainted the audience with their scientific projects and materials. In the course of the discussion, various questions were asked on the subject and content of scientific developments, to which the answers were exhaustive. Further, the scientific advisers of doctoral students explained the basic requirements for scientific dissertations and gave a number of valuable methodological advice on further research work. At the end of the meeting, associate professor Z. Zhandarbek made a report on the work on the publication of the scientific journal Yassawi at the Yassawi Scientific Research Center. Also, opinions of experts on the monographs of scientists proposed for publication and the issue of their approval at the University Senate were considered.


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