Issues of legal education discussed

Recently, the Postgraduate Education Faculty of Shymkent Medical Institute hosted the “Shymkent-Safe City” event, in which students, interns from the faculty participated. It is common knowledge that the legal education of youth forms the moral image of the individual, the world outlook and the spiritual culture of young people. That is why so much attention is paid by the state, society of this important component of modern man, the future specialist. During the event, G.Mominova, Senior Inspector of the Group for the Protection of Women from Violence of Al-Farabi District of Shymkent, Head of the Department of Youth Resources Center R. Baygulov informed the audience about the signs and types of violations and crimes in modern society, advised them to know their rights and duties, to respect the law and strictly observe its postulates. It was also about various manifestations of violations in the city. They urged young people to be a model and an example for teenagers and children and do everything possible to make your beloved Shymkent a safe place for quiet residents.


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