Students celebrated Nauryz!

On the 11th of April in the dormitories №1 and №2 of our university students celebrated Nauryz. The dormitory staff and students had a good time.

Teachers, students, guests took part in the festive event, which showed the unity of the dormitory. The guests of the celebration enjoyed the national cuisine, Nauryz kozhe.

The director of the Students’ House Directorate, professor A.Sadykov and Head of the Security Department A.Onbayev congratulated the participants on the holiday and expressed their gratitude to the younger generation. Professor Sadykov gave a thanksgiving certificates to active students.

Students also look forward to this holiday. Great concert program was  demonstrated.  A rhythmic songs and interesting games were played.

There was a real festive joy at the dormitory. The day of solidarity and celebration was celebrated in a memorable way.


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