IV International Symposium “Religion and the Global Peace”

On April 11 at the Cultural Center was the grand opening of the IV International Symposium “Religion and the Global World.” It was organized by the TIMAV Foundation (Turkey), Turkish universities Nezhmetin Erbakan, Selchuk, Nevshehir Hazhy Bektash Veli, Balikesir, and the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Akhmet Yassawi. At the opening ceremony, the 1st Vice-President, Professor M.Kutalmysh, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, the President of the TIMAV Foundation, Ecevit Oksuz, the Vice President of  Nevsehir Hazhy Bektash Veli University, professor Ertan Ozensel, Vice President of  Nezhmetin Erbakan University, professor Onder Kutlu, who addressed with congratulations and wishes for a successful forum. Further, the First Vice-President, professor M.Kutalmysh read out a congratulatory letter from the chairman of the Board of Trustes of the IKTU, professor M. Yildiz. The plenary session was chaired by the chairman of the organizing committee, the president of the TIMAV Foundation, Ecevit Oksuz. The reports were made by the professor of the faculty of theology Mukhiddin Okumushlar, the dean of the faculty of arts, professor Bilal Kushpinar (Nezhmetin Erbakan University), the vice-president for development and finance M.Eren (Turkestan). The International Symposium became the most important information platform for discussion and exchange of opinions between representatives of various religions, academic theologians. Problems such as the development of interreligious cooperation in order to preserve Islamic spiritual values, conduct complex scientific research of religions, etc. were considered. At the end of the plenary session a large concert program was performed for its participants, prepared by the Producer Center of the University. The forum continued its work in 5 sections with the participation of more than 100 scientists from different countries of the near and far abroad.


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