Nobel laureate Professor Aziz Sanjar  at Akhmet Yassawi University!

On April 18, Nobel Prize winner Professor Aziz Sanjar is expected to arrive at the University of Akhmet Yassawi, who will specially come to Turkestan to deliver a lecture “Science and National Development” for university students. Professor Aziz Sanjar is the second winner of the Nobel Prize from Turkey. In 2006, the first citizen of Turkey, received this high recognition, was the writer Orhan Pamukke for outstanding services in the field of literature. A well-known scientist will be awarded a diploma of an honorary professor of the IKTU. Professor Aziz Sanjar is a Turkish and American scientist, a biophysicist. In 2015, together with Swedish scientist Thomas Lindal and American scientist Paul Modric, he was declared the Nobel Prize winner in chemistry for the scientific discovery of the “Mechanism of DNA reconstruction.”


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