Results of the III Republican Olympiad

In order to realize the main ideas of the program article of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev “A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness” at the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Akhmet Yassawi from 03.05. to 04.05.2018 the 3rd Republican subject Olympiad on Religious Studies for secondary school students was held, organized by the Department of Religious Studies of the Faculty of Humanities.

The purpose of the Olympiad is to identify talented youth, to develop their personal and creative qualities, to provide them with all possible support and assistance, to attract active and prepared entrants to the specialties of religious studies and theology.

39 students of secondary schools of Almaty, West Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kyzylorda, Zhambyl, Mangystau, South-Kazakhstan regions and Turkestan participated in the intellectual Olympiad. The Olympiad took place in 2 rounds: 1st round – creative – general developmental tasks (compositions, written assignments, etc.), 2nd round – cognitive-oral assignments on theoretical issues. The vice-president of educational and methodical work N.Azhikhanov, the dean of the faculty of humanities S.Abzhalov, the head of the department of religious studies Muzaffar Tan and the jury members congratulated the winners and participants of the Olympiad with the achieved results, handed them letters of thanks and wished everyone further creative successes.


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