Procedure for institutional accreditation

In 2013, the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Akhmet Yassawi passed institutional accreditation in the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IAQAE). In connection with the completion of the validity of the certificate of the IAQAE, which was issued for 5 years, in the academic year 2017-2018 the university signed an agreement with the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IARA) on the procedure for institutional re-accreditation.

The work of the external expert commission of the IARA consisting of 7 experts (1 of them is foreigner, 6 – domestic) on the procedure of institutional re-accrediting and verification of the self-assessment report submitted by the university will be held on May 10-12 this year.

The composition of the external expert commission of IARA: the chairman of the commission Shunkeyev Kuanyshbek Shunkeyuly, the foreign expert Erika Vauginienė, the experts of Masalimova Aliya Rymgazykyzy, Tortkaraeva Gulnar Bayankyzy, the representative of the employers Tursynbekova Madina Tausultankyzy, the student representative Alzhan Dinislam Ruslanuly, the observer from the IARA Kanapyanov Timur Yerbolatuly.

The procedure for institutional accreditation will be carried out in accordance with the requirements and criteria of the “Standards of Institutional Accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions Implementing Higher and Post-Graduate Education Programs” of the IARA.


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