The number of participants in the European University Rankings and European Standards (ARES) is constantly increasing. This ranking includes the European Standard for University Education, adopted by the European Association for Quality Assurance, the new European Treaty, ratified by the European Commission. A feature of the rating is that there is no human factor in data processing and it is automatically implemented using new information technologies, and the results of the rating are sent to the public, private organizations and companies, ministries and departments of different countries, except for the European portal. By 2017, the IKTU ranks 41st out of 95 higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan, and this year it rose to the eleventh place among 96 universities in the ranking. These achievements, of course, have a positive effect on such steps as the modernization and diversification of educational services, the creation of a university, the creation of a dual education system, cooperation with other organizations, the creation of an office for technology commercialization, the launching of projects for product commercialization, the introduction of intelligent technologies.