At the A.Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University, under the leadership of Regional education department, the 3rd stage of the Republican Olympiad in regional general education subjects began. The aim of the competition is to determine the level of education in general education schools by studying the level of education of high school students, the interest of students in disciplines and the formation of reserve.

First of all, to the general public a special exhibition in the university lobby was presented. It is widely reflected the main achievements and advantages of all faculties of our university.
At the opening ceremony, the Rector Bolatbek Abdrasilov and the Head of the Regional Department of Education, Isatai Umirzakovich, congratulated the participants and wished them success.

The competition will be attended by 505 students in the humanities and social disciplines, 498 students in natural and mathematical disciplines and 1003 students.

Students will compete in the first stage of the Olympiad on January 3-5, the second stage will be followed by practical work and tasks of varying degrees.

The jury consisted of teachers of schools and universities.

It is worth noting that this year a special medal will be awarded to the winners of the Regional  Academic Olympiad.

The event ended with a concert program