Research report

Today, January 14, 2018, on the basis of a strategic plan, performance, quality, problem solving a research report was conducted. One of the first was the work done by the Faculty of Humanities, the Institute of Archaeological Research and the Yassawi Research Institute.

The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Sultanmurat Abzhalov made a report on performance indicators for the year 2018 and also mentioned the SWOT analysis. The main priority is to establish contacts with universities in the far and near abroad.

At the same time, scientists are invited to learn foreign languages (Turkish and English).  It was also noted that the main goal is to publish scientific articles at the national and international level. Members and participants asked their questions and shared their plans.

Also, a report on the work of the Institute of Archaeological Research and the Yassawi Research Institute was made. The director of the Institute of Archeology, Kopzhasar Zhetybaev, spoke about important issues and focused on the scientific work carried out in 2018. Zikiriya  Zhandarbek from the Research Institute also made a report on the work done. He also indicated how many analytical articles are being written about the current religious situation. The reports received a positive rating.

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