Rewarding scientists

April 12 is the Day of Researchers. In connection with this event in the hall of the Senate of our university, the award was given to the letters of thanks of the best researchers of the university. The rector of our educational institution Bolatbek Abdrasilov and I vice-president Zhengiz Tomar congratulated the scientists on the holiday and wished them further success and achievements.

Further, the university president Bolatbek Abdrasilov gave several instructions. Without science, there is no university, so we need to continuously improve our image, increasing the competitiveness of our scientists. Thus, it is not enough to conduct classes, it is necessary to constantly carry out scientific research and publish in international journals. Indeed, according to the data for the last five years, the number of publications of our scientists is not at a high level. This means that the interest and scientific research at the university is low. Moreover, when sending articles for publications, sometimes the name of our university is indicated incorrectly. The name of the university in Kazakh, Russian, Turkish and English should be indicated according to the approved standard. Any mistake or incomplete indicated name lowers the rating of our university. Therefore, when sending articles you need to consult with scientific advice.

Further, the rector noted that the university received many offers. Regional administration creates opportunities for the development of the scientific sphere and we must take advantage of these opportunities.

Another issue of discussion was the development of English. Now there is an opportunity for free English language training for more than 130 teachers. However, this number is not final, any employee who wants to learn English has an excellent opportunity for this.