Our university passed the accreditation procedure of 31 educational programs, carried out by experts of the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IAAR). The first stage of the evaluation was carried out by 13 experts from 05/13/2019 until 05/15/19, at the second stage from 05/16/2019. On May 18, 201, 14 experts were already involved. Within 6 days, a check was carried out on the compliance of the educational programs of the university’s mission, the system for evaluating the achievement of results, and the adequacy of resources for continuous improvement and innovation. In the foyer of the Cultural Center with the participation of experts and vice-presidents of the university, a presentation of the university rector was held in the new format. In accordance with the clusters of accredited educational programs for external experts, a visual tour of the university buildings was conducted, which visited the research laboratories of

zoology, human and animal physiology, botany, applied ecology, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physics and professional disciplines. In addition, they were presented with the Simulation Center, rooms for conducting objective structured clinical examinations in Building 2. Next, the experts checked the documents relating to the programs being accredited, classrooms, examination rooms, practical training facilities. In addition, they visited the Botanical Garden, the Ahmed Yassawi Vocational College, the Ecology Research Institute, the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering in Kentau, the territory of a new technology park, the Kentau Transformer Plant, as well as the IT School-Face No. 23, boarding school “Daryn”, Clinical Diagnostic Center, Turkestan City Hospital. The experts also took turns meeting with the leadership of the university, vice-presidents, heads of departments, heads of departments, deans of faculties, teachers, students, undergraduates, employers and graduates of the university. In the process of communication, experts put forward a number of proposals to improve the efficiency and quality of work. At present, the expert assessment report is submitted to the Accreditation Council, which will give a final decision.

Center for strategic planning, rating and quality.