Our student is among the winners

On June 4, 2019, the Central Election Commission held the second stage of the National Quiz among Kazakhstani universities on electoral law and the electoral process.

With the organizational support of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of Kazakhstan, on May 24, in the framework of the first stage of the National Quiz, held in the Infocommunication Space of the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, out of 30 students at 170 universities, 13 students completed the second round, demonstrating the highest level of education in electoral law.

Having studied the skills of the participants’ debates, the National Jury of 10 nominees determined one winner and two winners.

First place – Esenalin Roman, Kazakh-Russian International University (Aktobe)

Second place – Bukenov Ruslan, Caspian State University (Almaty)

Third place – Gulnaz Serikkaliyeva, International Kazakh-Turkish University.

Gulnaz Serikkaliyeva – a student of the specialty 5B030100- “Jurisprudence” of the graduate course of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the A.Yassawi University.