Celebration of the International Year of Social Sciences and the start of the new school year

An opening ceremony of the conference entitled “Language, History and Culture in the Turkic World” and a gala evening dedicated to the start of the new academic year were held at our university. At the opening of the congress, vice president of the Ataturk Center, engaged in research in the field of culture, language, history and higher education, prof. Muhammad Hekimoglu, Chairman of the Plenipotentiary Council, prof. Musa Yildiz, member of the Plenipotentiary Council Mukhtin Shimshek, president of our university, prof. Bolatbek Abdrasilov, Vice President Zhengiz Tomar, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prof. Hassan Kara, Professor Edok, Editor of Ankar Magazine and Lecturer at Gazi University Turkhan Shetin wished Congress success.

Scientists presented and discussed new ideas in the field of research of the Turkic world. The main goal of the Congress is to provide a scientific exchange of views, to open up new scientific research. The exchange of views in various fields of science will give impetus to the implementation of joint research projects in the Turkic world. Strengthening mutual cooperation of Turkic peoples will give a new direction to world-class research.

As part of the event, a concert program of university students was presented.

At the end of the meeting, both parties exchanged valuable gifts as a sign of fraternity and cooperation.


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