Our athletes conquered Asia

From September 11 to 16, the Asian Sambo Championship was held in New Delhi, India. About 300 athletes from 19 countries took part in the competition. Four athletes, students of our university also showed their skills in this competition. Among the girls, Orazbay Arailym won first place in the weight category up to 80 kg, Zhylkibay Aizhan won a gold medal in the weight category up to 48 kg, and Nabieva Bibikhan won gold in weight up to 52 kg. Among the young men in the weight category up to 57 kg Aigenbai Kaiyrberdi became the first.

Our athletes were led to victory by the honored trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the senior trainer of the Center for the Improvement of Education, Professor Abdisadyk Halilayev.

It is worth noting that the national team of Kazakhstan won 13 gold, 7 silver and 1 bronze medals and took second place after the Uzbek wrestlers.