A regional seminar “Reducing the influence of internal and external factors on the radicalization of the people of Kazakhstan”, organized by the prosecutor’s office of the Turkestan region, was held at the University’s Palace of Culture. The aim of the seminar is to ensure the stability of the religious sphere and the role of state bodies and religious associations in the implementation of public policy.

The meeting was attended by deputy mayor of Turkestan Region Tazhibaev Ulan, Prosecutor of Turkestan Region Nurgalym Abdirov, Vice President of the University for Social Support and Education Amirekul Abuov, Director of the Yasavitanu Research Institute Dosai Kenjetai, acting Medet Halykov, director of the Center for Research on Religious Issues of the Department for Social Development of the Turkestan Territory, religious figures and religious associations of all regions of the Turkestan Territory, law enforcement officials, scientists and university students, and media representatives.

Prosecutor of the Turkestan region Nurgalym Abdirov:

– Dear seminar participants! We are holding a regional seminar on the topic “Reducing the influence of internal and external factors on the radicalization of the people of Kazakhstan.” Religious workers must have a high level of education, as they work closely with people. It is necessary to improve the sincerity of our imams. The purpose of the seminar is an open dialogue, exchange of experience, obtaining the necessary consultations from specialist scientists.

Amirekul Abuov, Vice President for Social Support and Education of the University:

– Dear seminar participants! Welcome! Today’s meeting is of particular importance. Religion is one of the most important areas in society. Religion teaches youth to the world, has a great influence on public consciousness. State bodies and religious associations are currently doing a lot of work. About 300 students study at our university with a degree in religious studies. We are ready and want to work together with representatives of scholars and religious associations participating in the seminar.

Dosai Kenjetai made a presentation entitled “The Role of Traditional Religious Knowledge in Preventing the Radicalization of the Population.”