Two advanced laboratories commissioned in our university

Тoday, on the basis of the Faculty of Engineering of the Kentau Institute of University named after H.A. Yassawi, together with the Kentau Transformer Plant, two modern laboratories were commissioned: “Smart Sensor Systems” named after Iliyas Kozhabaev and “Alageum Lab”. Laboratories equipped with modern innovative equipment are designed for students, undergraduates and doctoral students with the aim of implementing the educational process in the field of electric power, automation and control programs.

Laboratories are located at the Kentau Institute of our university.

The event was attended by University rector Bolatbek Abdrasilov, I Vice President Zhengiz Tomar, mayor of the Kentau city Dauren Makhazhanov and the head of Alageum Electric company Seydulla Kozhabaev. In a festive atmosphere, a red ribbon was cut.

The laboratory is sponsored by Alageum Electric, a subsidiary of Kentau Transformer Plant JSC. The project cost is 42 million tenge.

It should be noted that laboratories are designed to prepare competitive specialists through training based on modern production experience in the field of electric power, automation and engineering.

Rector Bolatbek Serikbayuly delivered an opening address:

– Earlier, we decided to transfer the Faculty of Engineering to Kentau. And today we have witnessed a joyful event – a new project has been implemented. On the basis of University two scientific laboratories open. At present, we train specialist engineers on the basis of dual training in conjunction with the Kentau Transformer Plant, which is part of Alageum Electric. This is a very effective method, thanks to which, based on partnerships, we solve the problem of employment of our graduates. In addition, the combination of the educational process with practice significantly improves the training of specialists for work in production. The Kentau Transformer Plant is world famous and its products are distributed worldwide. This enterprise has given us significant opportunities, opening up new paths to the future for our students.

Further, the rector handed the letter of thanks to the head of the Alageum company Seidulla Kozhabaev and invited him to hold several lectures for students.

The mayor of Kentau, Dauren Makhazhanov, in his speech congratulated everyone on this important event and noted that in the future the need for specialists who are being prepared by the university will increase significantly:

– The fact that there is such a university in Kentau makes us feel proud. Many young people from all over the world study in it. It is very important for us that the university prepares specialists together with the plant. Turkestan has become a regional center. In this regard, a special economic zone is being built between Turkestan and Kentau in the village of Orangay in an area of ​​400 hectares. Here modern enterprises will be built, which will require qualified specialists. Therefore, for the training of specialists, the opening of these laboratories is very important.

The head of Alageum Electric, Seydulla Kozhabaev, made congratulations and wishes for active cooperation:

– For us, jointly implemented undertakings are our great joy and suitability. Regarding the plant, I would like to note that before there were no such opportunities. In the past, specialists were brought from other republics. Now, after our country became independent, a lot of work has been done. We began to produce goods that used to be brought from abroad. In addition, we, together with the university, carry out a very significant work for everyone. For example, at the moment we are jointly preparing students of the Faculty of Engineering. And the opening of laboratories is simply necessary for this preparation. And now I wish you good luck and new success!

Then the speakers were: I Vice-President of the University Zhengiz Tomar, Vice-President of the University for Academic Affairs Omirbek Umbetov, Director of the Kentau Institute of University Usenbek Rakhmetov, and also a 3rd year student Yersultan Bolatbai.

The project was one of the first examples of the practical implementation of the concept of dual education in Kazakhstan.