Archive is the level of civilization of the state

At our university, a meeting was held with the deputy director of the archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aliya Mustafina. The meeting was attended by faculty, doctoral students, undergraduates and students of our university. The purpose of the meeting is to provide students with comprehensive information about working with archival documents using modern digital technologies, and to explain to young people the importance of storing information in archives.

At the meeting, Deputy Director of the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aliya Mustafina made a presentation on the topic “Archive of Kazakhstan in the period of quantitative changes”. The National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the state objects that preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the people of Kazakhstan in order to satisfy the spiritual, cultural, scientific, social and legal needs of society.

The level of civilization of the state is assessed by the state of the archives of commemorative documents of the people.

Aliya Mustafina introduced new methods of working with modern documents. The archive uses new methods of maintaining large-scale documents at the present stage of development of digital technologies. Documents are stored in electronic form, they are more understandable, simple and affordable.

At the meeting, students were asked questions about archival documents and exchanged views