The first step in partnerships

A group led by Vice President for Academic Affairs of our university O. Umbetov and Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry K. Akpynar visited the Tashkent State Dental Institute. A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the two educational institutions in order to train qualified dentists, exchange experience between the teaching staff and continue their studies in the master’s program.

Vice-President for Academic Affairs O. Umbetov said:

– Our goal is to establish close partnership and practical relations between the key universities of the two countries. During the implementation of the Memorandum, joint applications for Erasmus programs will be carried out, as well as the exchange of experience in organizing innovative teaching methods and improving students’ knowledge, organizing lectures and seminars as part of the academic mobility program.

During the visit, the Rector of the Institute, Professor Rizaev Zhasur Alimzhanovich got acquainted with the capabilities of our clinic and laboratories.

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