Open Day in the clinic of IKTU

Today in the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of IKTU an “Open Day” was held with the participation of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons from the Scientific and Clinical Center for Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation. Cardiac surgeon, professor, academician Seytkhan Zhoshybaev arrived in a group from Taraz, where he examined patients with heart diseases.

Patients were examined for free using an ultrasound ultrasound cardiograph, the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases was clarified, and the appropriate treatment method was chosen. In addition, medical consultations were held.

Cardiac surgeon, academician Seytkhan Zhoshibaev said: “Turkestan has become a regional center, but there is no cardiac surgery in it. Taking this into account, we came to provide the best we can: consult with colleagues, conduct free examinations for patients with heart disease and provide advice. Today we are going to receive a hundred patients. I am an honorary professor at IKTU. University students will also practice at our center. ” He also noted that it is planned to open a branch in Turkestan.

On the “open day” the clinic was visited by a large number of people who need help. We are grateful to the doctors led by Professor Seitkhan Zhoshybaev, who helped the population of the region.