Meeting with Afghan war veterans

Students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences organized interviews with Afghan war veterans. The purpose of the meeting was to talk with veterans of the Afghan war, to develop a sense of civic responsibility and patriotism among young people.

Afghan war veterans of the Turkestan region Tiles Akhai, Alipbi Karabalaev, Zhaksylyk Zhantilesov and active members of the Public Association of Disabled People met and talked with youth. The meeting began with a moment of silence in memory of the dead soldiers who did not return from the war. Afghan war veterans told young people how they survived in Afghanistan in the midst of death, deprivation, and horror, and how they returned home. During the meeting, students asked various questions. It was evident that the performance of the veterans made a strong impression on them. Such meetings instill in the young generation a love of the motherland and patriotism. The meeting ended with a festive concert prepared by our students.