Digital Library Resource Development

In connection with the introduction of emergency situations in the country, by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Tokaev, the educational process of our university was transferred to the distance learning system. On the website, university teachers and students have full access to the electronic textbooks necessary for the educational process in PDF format. Currently, the information resource center of our university until April 20 has free access to the Grebennikon electronic library system and IPRbooks, which provide distance learning for our teachers, doctoral students, undergraduates and students. And the Rmeb electronic library at can be freely used throughout the year. Teachers and job seekers can access the Rmeb database through social networks. IPRbooks is a unique resource that combines educational literature, magazines, audio recordings, video courses, and online tests that are licensed. Access to it is available at Textbooks for all specialties can be found at the following address login-iktu.kz_stat, password – mLeASvCb. More information on the use of these electronic libraries is available at

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