Students participated in an online survey

On May 27-28, an online survey was conducted for students to organize and conduct the current session in a new format at our university, as well as to assess the level of feedback between teachers and students. The survey involved 3141 students. 95% of our students rated the university’s distance learning system as good and satisfactory. 94% of students are satisfied with the level of distance exams. 98% of students rated the feedback level and willingness to help our teachers in emergency situations. 94% of students consider their grades to be fair during the exam. In addition, 99% of the students surveyed confirmed that the midterm exams were honest and fair. The results of this survey show the results of systematic work done in recent years. The opinion of our students in the survey was discussed online at a meeting of the Senate, specific decisions were made to improve the quality of the educational process.

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