An online seminar on the theme of “Talking Ceramics”

Maralbek Amanturov, a researcher at the Research Institute of Archeology of our university, organized an online seminar called Talking Ceramics. The scientific seminar was attended by employees of research institutes, teachers, undergraduates and students.

The aim of the online seminar, organized in accordance with the scientific plans of the Scientific Research Institute of Archeology, is to present a typological classification and technology for the production of ceramics found during archaeological research, to determine its distribution area, and to conduct an appropriate scientific discussion. During the seminar M. Amanturov spoke about the history of ceramics, as well as the names of the types of vessels. He also noted that the production of some ceramic products and modern technologies of tandoor is still carried out using the same technology. He also proved that the types of tools used in cooking technology have not changed. The methods used in the chamber processing of ceramics found during archaeological excavations are described. During the seminar, he also explained the methods of restoration, gluing and restoration of ceramics.

Participants in the online seminar shared their views and asked questions on the topic. Summing up the seminar, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Archeology, Professor K.M.Zhetibaev thanked the speaker M. Amanturov and the participants of the seminar.

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