Sports club

Our University systematically offers a wide range of sporting activities with training halls, swimming pool. 13 sport sections are traditionally held in our University, in this context, judo, Kazakh wrestling, sambo, free wrestling, volleyball, basketball and toghyzkumalak tournaments are organized. There are also sports festivals and competitions in various branches held each year by the main body of our University. 5 qualified senior trainers and 3 sport instructors organize training activities for students. Traditional sports contest among academic and administrative staff are held twice a year which add to the quality of the employees’ life. One of the successful achievements  is the University student, Khamza Didar’s  participation in summer sports contest organized in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016. Our University is very active in football and volleyball. Our football team competed in the small football league, held in 2015, 22-31 March an won all Higher education institutions of Kazakhstan.

 2015-2016 competitions indicators

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  • World Championship
  • Asian Championship
  • European Cup
  • Championship of the RK
  • Cup of the RK
  • International competitions
  • Republican tournament

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