Students House

At the university 6 students house function. The most of the foreign students and the students from further regions of the country inhabit in these students houses. All necessary conditions are created for students to get rooms and to study. The students houses have access to Internet, according  to the time requirements. Library, reading hall, canteen, gym halls, laundry, meeting rooms of the student houses serve the students. There are summer sports complexes and football stadiums by the students houses.

The main obligations of the student houses directory:

-To create necessary social conditions which provides development of humanity  and ethetic  characteristic of the future specialists, to establish higher ethic outlook;
-to engage students to  healthy lifestyle rules;

-to help to get rooms in the students houses;

-to explain the inhabitants of the students houses about obligations and rights;

-to approve the events of the students houses

Council at the meetings of the dormitory council.

-to control the usage of electricity and water by inhabitants ;

– to control cleanness in the students houses.

-to keep close contact with the university governors and the group advisor;

– to control planning discipline process organizing.

The rights of students houses inhabitants

  1. To use bedrooms, bathrooms, reading rooms and other rooms of common usage freely;
  2. To apply to change out of work equipment, furniture, bed accessories and other things necessary for students.
  3. To establish student self- governing board with the aim of solving problems of the students houses inhabitants and express their intentions and suggestions.

The obligations of the students houses inhabitants.

  • To use and keep students house building, equipment and other inventories carefully
  • To keep technical fire safety;
  • To use electricity and water purposefully;
  • To use the social inventories carefully; to keep the rooms clean;
  • To keep internal discipline rules strongly;
  •  To obey the employees of the students house.

Total number of students house inhabitants

  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Medicine
  • Philology
  • Humanity sciences
  • MA students, PhD students
  • №1 students house
  • №2 students house
  • №3 students house
  • №4 students house
  • №5 students house
  • №6 students house