“Art” faculty

The “Art” faculty founded in 2001 is one of faculties which makes the contribution to development of university by means of sport and art. Today as  part of faculty 4 departments on 11 specialties conduct education of specialists which activity corresponds conforms to requirements.

From first years of formation Academic staff of “Art”  faculty differs in high level of education, work at faculty: national actor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazhybek Bekbossyn, honored actress of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rakhima Zhubaturova, honored artist of  the Republic of Kazakhstan Ramazan Stamgaziyev, sport figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 92 professor- teachers.

Graduates of Art faculty  are engaged in creative activity in various regions of the republic. Namely: silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games in London on free-style wrestling Akzhurek Tanatarov, participant of the Olympic Games in Rio Didar Hamza, actor of film studio “Kazakhfilm” Yerzhan Nurymbet, singers: Altynay Zhorabayeva, Nurzhan Kalzhan, director of theater “Aldaraspan” Nurzhan Tolendiyev and many others. Today the “Art” faculty is the scientific and educational center conducting training of highly qualified specialists in the field of sport and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Provided with jobs
The teaching staff

At faculty the directions of scientific works have been defined and registered in NSTIC, in these directions under the authority of scientific works of the Academic Staff three subjects have been designated:

  1. A subject of the scientific direction of the Physical Culture and Physical Training departments approved by NSTIC: “Scientific-theoretical bases of improvement of methods of physical culture of students in the conditions of globalization”. Head: Candidate of Pedagogical Science, senior teacher E.Makhanbet
  2. A subject of the scientific direction of Fine Arts department approved by NSTIC: Scientific and pedagogical bases of preparation for training of art education and esthetic education in school students by future art teachers.: PhD, Professor K. Eralin
  3. A subject of the scientific direction of Executive Art department approved by NSTIC: “Increase in use of modern technologies by future art specialists” Head: PhD, professor R. Sydykova.

At faculty student’s clubs of various direction function. The club “Sunkar” works for formation students of love feeling the country, patriotic feelings.
The “Tengri” club for sharpening of the creative directions of students to the world of fashion works on various clothes sketches. For the purpose of formation of a healthy lifestyle of students various sports sections function. For them sports sections of judo (male, female), kazakhsha kures, sambo, free-style wrestling, basketball (male, female), tae kwon do
boxing, gymnastics, togyzkumalak, volleyball, and also gym the swimming pool continuously work. Exercises with them are carried out by 5 seniors of the trainer, two honored trainers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 4 trainers and 3 instructors.
The “Theatre” club consists of students who are engaged in preparation of performances and statement on the big stage.

Today students, during one semester educating at universities Ghazi, Hazhettepa, Akdeniz in Turkey according to the academic program for exchange students  Mevlana. Students and graduates of faculty according to the status of university and according to international agreements continue education at  bachelor degree,  magistracy and doctoral studies at leading universities of Turkey.

Thanks to the efforts of teachers of the Department of physical culture in the field of sports, our students are working successfully. Baglan Ibragimov , Didar Hamza became Champions of the Asian games of 2018. Our athletes are world Champions 4, Asian Champions 3, Champions of Kazakhstan 15, master of sports of Kazakhstan 35, winners of the championship of Kazakhstan 10 students.

The Department of fine arts in the 2018-2019 academic year was awarded a letter of thanks and a badge of the MES. In 2018-2019 academic year the club “AYU Leaders “and MC” Jas Otan “in the competition of needlework” AYU Fashion show 2019 “the ART team of the Department won the”best manual art”.  In 2019, Ph. D. E. B. Auelbekov was awarded the title of associate Professor.

The Department of performing arts in 2018 was awarded the badge “excellence in culture of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan” Seitmetov Aitkul Mubarakovna. Isataev Yerzhan Ibadullayevich was awarded the badge of Labor Glory of the branch Union of workers of culture and information.