Департамент директоры

Administrative and management department

The main purpose of the Department of Administration and Management is to oversee the organizational and management cycle, timely implementation of the decisions of the Head of the University, contribute to the development of the university, and assist with working with citizens from abroad.

The main objectives of the Department of Administrative and Control activity are:

  • To supervise the methodological, administrative and economic activities of the organization in accordance with the Charter of the higher education institution and to monitor the decisions made on those issues;
  • Considering the issues of recruitment and promotion, rewarding and taking measures in accordance with the law on labor;
  • Monitoring of the University’s activities in accordance with the law, provision of the necessary staff,
  • Timely execution of the accounting and storage of documents and the organization of the effective management system; control over compliance with internal rules of labor and discipline of employees in all structural units;
  • Carrying out control on determination of the traffic procedure of the received and outgoing correspondence.

Structure of the Department of Administration and Administration:

  • Office of Administrative Offices
  • Office of the Department
  • Document storage and archive department