Ahmet Yesevi University: Leading the Scientific and Innovative Infrastructure

Today, technological advances accelerate the transformation of knowledge production centers, especially universities, by facilitating access to information. As Ahmet Yesevi University, we keep pace with the changing dynamics in the global business world and education, support student and academic mobility, and produce innovative solutions to the challenges of international competition.

The paradigm shift in education increases the importance of student-centered, flexible and modular designs. In this context, we aim to provide personalized learning experiences for our students, enabling them to develop effective solutions to real-world problems. The use of social platforms and interactive learning environments makes our educational processes more interactive and participatory, while increasing the motivation and engagement of our students.

The vision of our university is to provide added value to society through our research and education activities and to enable our students to gain competencies integrated with real-world problems. To this end, we train new faculty members with project management, design and coaching competencies that lead technological developments and prepare our graduates for the sector as individuals equipped with complementary competencies beyond knowledge.

Innovation and advances in technology require us to continuously update our education methodology, integrating new learning tools such as flipped classroom, MOOCs, game-based learning and learning analytics. In addition, we conduct research focusing on the development of renewable energy, public transportation and new industries to support sustainable development.

As Ahmet Yesevi University, we act with the vision of increasing our R&D potential, increasing the number of high value-added research, strengthening national and international collaborations, developing our entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and increasing our brand value. With our scientific and innovative infrastructure, we continue to be one of the driving forces of economic growth and development.