Council of Young Scientists

Information Support

We will select literature for you that will help you conduct both fundamental and applied research more effectively, and give you access to the latest publications that will help you create your startup. 



We will assist in applying for annual republican scientific scholarships and awards, we will help you fill out documents, write and sign motivational letters, correctly issue an article for a scientific journal or prepare an application to participate in a conference or internship. 


Implementation of Your Ideas

Do you have an idea how to improve our university life, or a solution for an interesting task of real production? Contact us and together we will find a way to bring your ideas to life. 


Solving the Important Issues

Council of Young Scientists protects young scientists’ interests in professional and social spheres. Participation in the work of Scientific Council, Scientific and Technical Council will help us solve issues that concern us all. Together we can do more. 


The Council of Young Scientists is an organizational Council of young scientists in the field of formation and implementation of scientific, scientific-technical and innovation policy of Akhmed Yassawi University. The Council of Young Scientists at the faculty level includes researchers, specialists, masters, PhD students, doctors and candidates of sciences, university professors engaged in research activities under the age of 40 years old.

The Council of Young Scientists of the University includes the chairmen of the Council of Young Scientists of each faculty. The Council is an organizational team for carrying out scientific events that support the views and interests of young scientists and young scientist’s specialists at the University.

Control and supervision of the activities of the Council is carried out under the direction of the Vice-Rector for Science and Strategic Development, supervised by the Department of Scientific Research.


  • Facilitating their research activities in social and applied internships and aspirations of young scientists;
  • Helping to improve the professional level of young scientists;
  • Development of scientific potential and realization of creative opportunities of young scientists;
  • Protection and realization of professional, intellectual, legal and everyday interests and rights of young scientists of the University;
  • Promotion of scientific knowledge and modern achievements of science.


  • Stimulation of young scientists to master new learning technologies, their implementation in practice and scientific research;
  • Promotion of professional growth of young scientists of the University; development of youth scientific initiatives and stabilization of young scientific personnel at the University; Preparation of proposals for improving scientific work at the University;
  • Promoting the organization and financial support of the scientific activities of young scientists and their participation in various research projects, programs, research internships, competitions, scientific conferences and seminars held in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  •  Providing information on research projects, programs and funds that support scientific research of young scientists (providing grants), on scientific and educational centers of the country and abroad, as well as specialized activities (conferences, seminars) held in Kazakhstan and neighboring and foreign countries;
  • Assistance in organizing and conducting the contest for the best scientific and technical production, scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, assistance to young scientists in publishing scientific articles and reports;
  • Assisting young scientists in conducting active research work to participate in domestic and foreign grant projects, enrollment in master and doctoral programs, publishing articles in journals with an impact factor, conducting research and defending a thesis;
  • Stimulation of young scientists to master new learning technologies, their implementation in practice and scientific research;
  • Conducting activities aimed at assisting young scientists in mastering the methodology and methodology of research work; promotion of scientific, technical and cultural growth of a young scientist;
  • Creating an information base of research and development of scientific organizations, research institutes, young scientists of universities;
  • Providing young scientists for awards of the Ministry of Education and Science and other ministries; support for gifted young specialists when they enter the target areas of Master and PhD programs;
  • Making suggestions to the rectorate on the work, life and recreation of young scientists;
  • Support initiatives of young scientists aimed at solving their social problems.