Student Dormitories

The international Kazakh-Turkish university named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is located in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its headquarters are in Turkestan. In Turkestan, a hostel for boys and girls with a capacity of about 650 people each serves our students, and the monthly payment is about 21 US dollars, 10,000 tenge. In our hostels there are rooms for 4-6 people. Inside the campus, where our hostels are located; there are reading rooms, a library, tennis, football and basketball courts, a wellness center and a cafeteria. Housing and personal expenses are borne by the students themselves. The preparatory class is in Kentau. In the city of kentav, we have a hostel for boys and girls with about 300 seats and rooms for 3-4 people. Accommodation in a hostel in the preparatory class is mandatory.

Worker and Employee Housing:

  • Turan Dormitory offers 53
  • apartments, while Magzhan town provides 10 cottages and 76 apartments.
  • Bayan Batyr has 13
  • apartments, and the Samal Teachers' Hostel provides 36 apartments.
  • Our university boasts 6 student hostels and 3 family hostels.

The students are able to make use of the library, reading room, gym, laundry, and meeting rooms provided.

Additionally, there are three dining rooms and five buffets available to them. The total number of students consists of 1605 women and 2295 men, totaling 3900. Information regarding student locations is also available.

The total number of students consists of 1605 women and 2295 men, totaling 3900.

Male hostelFemale hostel 
GrantQuotaPaid basisTotalGrantQuotaPaid basisTotalMaleFemaleTotal 
2- year1471236433421215370435334435769
3- year150804427420516338406274406680
4- year120782422225011941410222410632
5- year5397695397696969138
6- year49 217058124837083153
7- year3461353561015815381134
Residency41 54  4549