Student council

1.1. Student Council of the Ahmet Yassawi University is the organizing and governing body of the student government of the university.

1.2. The Student Council is guided by the Student Code and University regulations.

1.3. The Student Council operates on the basis of the principles of election, accountability, continuity.

1.4. The composition of the student council is elected by open vote at meetings of student groups and includes representatives of all university groups.

1.5. Meetings of the Student Government Council are held at least once every two weeks according to a thematic plan.

1.6 The composition of the student council interacts with the students’ directorate through the deans of the faculties of the Council, the assets of the group, which are elected at the student meetings of the faculties by general open voting for a fixed term.

1.7. Students who do not obey university regulations may not be members of the Student Government Council.

1.8. Members of the Council of the Student Council for the systematic non-attendance of meetings and for non-fulfillment of their duties by a general vote or by the decision of the student president can be excluded from the Council.

1.9. Student Council MKTU is responsible for the decisions and the results of their work.

1.10. Decisions of the student council are considered valid if at least 2/3 of its payroll participate in the voting.

Ensuring the implementation of student self-government at the University, the right of students to participate in assessing the quality of the educational process;

Development and support of socially significant student initiatives of the University;

Preservation and development of student traditions, the formation of a civic culture, an active civic position of students, the formation of their social maturity, independence, self-organization and the opportunity for self-development;

Formation of general cultural competence of students;

  • Student President

3 executive powers under the student president:

  • Representative of the student president
  • Chief of staff of the president
  • Chairman of the Student Parliament

Representative of the student president

  • Leaders of the Turkic world;

Chief of staff of the president

  • Student Deans;
  • Department of professional orientation (ambassadors).

Chairman of the Student Parliament

  • Shanyrak Club Coordination;
  • Ministries;
  • Chairmen of dormitories;
  • Department of discipline.

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