Medical Services: AI Clinic

Medical ambulance station "AI" of the Khoja Ahmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University is situated in the Turan family hostel. Residents of the campus, including students and staff, receive fundamental 24-hour health care services with enrollment to the Yassawi Clinical Diagnostic Centre for students. All healthcare services for enrolled students are offered at no cost. An annual x-ray assessment of students is conducted by the AI Medical Clinic and the Clinical Diagnostics Centre during their academic tenure, alongside the provision of a clinical specialist for foreign healthcare practitioners and staff.

A unwell student will receive a reference from a certified medical institution, with all definitions endorsed by a physician at the AI clinic.

The university's hostels and educational facilities are conveniently situated at the AI clinic's polyclinics. The clinic offers medical services for a minimum of 8 hours per week.

Service area

1Medical ambulatory AI

Family hostel “Turan”


102 room

3№3 educational building

109- room

4№4 educational building

102- room

5№8 educational building

105- room

6№5 hostel

1 floor

7№3 hostel

116- room

8Medical ambulatory

Swimming pool