Institute of Turkic Studies organized an online conference with Tomsk State University

Research Institute of Turkology organized an online conference with Tomsk State University. Valeria Lemskaya, scientist of Tomsk State University, candidate of philological sciences, spoke at the conference “Local history among the Turks of Southern Siberia” (Shulums, Teleuts, Tomsk Tatars). During her speech, she spoke about the dialects of the disappearing Shulum, Teleuit and Tomsk Tatars, touched upon the work of the Center for the Study of the Siberian Turkic Language and Culture, mentioned projects in the field of language protection and research of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. In addition to studying dialects of Shulum, Teleut and Tomsk Tatar languages, she also presented dictionaries, highlighting her previous works and seminars on the topic of Shulum, Teleut and Tomsk Tatars. The conference participants listened with great interest to the results of the speaker’s research. At the end of the conference, speaker Valeria Lemskaya was presented with a letter of thanks from the director of the Research Institute of Turkology, Professor Bulent Bayram.

Scientific Research Institute of Turkology

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