Discussion of new opportunities and prospects for the improvement and development of the region

Today, our university hosted a republican scientific and practical seminar on the topic “GREEN TURKESTAN: new opportunities and prospects for the improvement and development of the region.” The meeting was attended by heads of agricultural departments, biologists, scientists and students. The moderator was the head of the commercialization department of our university, Doctor of Economics, Professor B. Syzdykov.

The seminar was organized by the Scientific Fund of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Kazakh-Turkish University. Director of the Republican Foundation for the Commercialization of Science Aryn Orsariev made a report on the topic “Place and Development of Scientific Research”.

During the seminar, specialists and gardeners discussed ways to solve topical issues of adaptation, rapid reproduction and use of ornamental trees, which have long been adapted to the region and are reintroduced into the landscaping of the city of Turkestan, studied the role of the Botanical Garden in landscaping the city of Turkestan and regions with similar soil and climatic characteristics, the use of ornamental plants of the Botanical Garden of the International Kazakh-Turkish University in ​​the landscaping of Turkestan.

They also considered such issues as the features of the methods of reproduction and adaptation of ornamental plants on the territory of Turkestan by traditional methods and optimization of the irrigation regime, which is the key to growing high-quality seedlings. The assembled scientists got acquainted with the collection of decorative trees of the Botanical Garden and the applied technologies for their cultivation. Further on the agenda was the organization of such practical seminars as a platform for future biologists, the application of theoretical knowledge in practice. The main attention will be paid to the preparation of seedlings grown in greenhouses, the development of drought-resistant ornamental plants.

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