Educational work

The purpose of the activities of the Center for educational programs and methodological work is to ensure and improve the educational process, develop and introduce new learning technologies, provide advanced training for the teaching staff of the university. To ensure and implement the main directions of its activities, the center solves the following tasks: 1 educational and methodological support for the implementation of educational programs; 2 development, introduction of new and improvement of existing technologies, methods, means and forms of the educational process and their translation into the university curricula; 3 development of normative documents of the educational process regarding the educational and methodological activities of faculties and departments; 4 organization of educational and methodical work and control over the content of the AIS “Platonus”; 5 development of creative thinking of faculty, ensuring the improvement of their skills and professional skills, improvement of methodological potential; 6 assistance of teaching staff in translating educational excellence in the educational process.

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