Main Documents

University Charter

      Accepted by the members of the Board of Trustees in September, 2012…PDF

Strategic plan

    Strategic plan of Akhmet Yassawi University for 2014-2018……PDF

List of Certificates

      Certificate of ISO 9001-2008 standard (Institute of Turkish Standards, Ankara) 18.01.2016 . №KY-4528-06/09-R…PDF

      Certificate that shows  university’s place among the universities of Kazakhstan according to National Rating of 2016.  (BSCA, Astana)…PDF


Academic Politics

        Academic politics of the university was prepared according to the University Charter, Educational laws of the RK, Enactments of the government of the RK, Normative documents and orders of the Ministry of Education and Science and University Regulations…PDF 

Certificate of accrediting on scientific and scientific-technical service subject

      Certificate of accrediting given as scientific and scientific- technical service subject on 27.10.2016 in Astana …PDF 

Quality Politics

    Quality politics of Akhmet Yassawi University approved by  №213 order  on 13 November,  … PDF 

Quality Aims

     Quality aims of Akhmet Yassawi university approved by №1 protocol of organizing council on 27 September, 2017 … PDF

The list of regulations accepted at № 42 meeting of the Board of Trustees 

    The list of 25 (twenty five) regulations of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi University accepted at № 42 meeting of the Board of Trustees on 02.06.2012 in the fields of educational-organizational, preparatory, discipline, dormitory provision, administrational- economical employees, movable and immovable properties and others.

   — Educational process organization and attestation regulation

   — Student discipline regulation

   — Student housing regulation

   — Staff discipline regulation

   — Press regulation

   — Regulation about staff content

   — Regulations about administrational-economic employees

   — Student admission regulation

   — Regulation of the Eurasian Research Institute

   — Audit committee work regulation

   — Educational and attestation regulation of the preparatory language teaching center

    —Structural and work regulation of the preparatory language teaching centerr

   — Tender and purchase regulation

   — Regulation about using university houses

   — Board of Trustees scholarship appointment regulation

   — Board of Trustees work and the main regulation

   — Board of Trustees travel expenses regulation

   — Board of Trustees employers regulation

   — Movable property regulation

   — Immovable property regulation

   — Work regulation of Clinics-diagnostic center

   — Turkish language distance educational program study and self-financing applied center regulation

   — Turkish language distance educational program study and applied center education and attestation regulation

  —  Regulation of Turkish language educational program study and applied center

  —     Financial support and awarding regulation

— Құжатталған процедуралар

        — KP-HKTU-4.2.3-2009-1

        — KP-HKTU-4.2.4-2009-1

        — KP-HKTU-5.6-2009-1

        — KP-HKTU-8.2.2-2009-1

        — KP-HKTU-

        — KP-HKTU-8.3.0.-2009-1