No. 4 Educational and Methodical Council meeting of the University was held

On November 29, 2017, the No. 4 Educational and Methodical Council meeting of theUniversity was held. The following issues on the agenda were discussed: the state of the multilingual education at the faculties, the implementation of indicative indicators of educational and methodological work in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan of the IKTU, the provision of textbooks and teaching aids in the context of specialties, the introduction of scientific and teaching methods of the teaching staff into the Republican electronic library of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, the members of the council were acquainted with the materials of the Republican seminar “Designing Educational Programs”, which was held on the basis of Karaganda State Technical University on November 24-25, 2017. Further, the question of including in the curriculum of specialties of the university the subject “Fundamentals of anti-corruption culture” was discussed. As a result of the discussion, the necessary decisions were made on all issues on the agenda.