77 secondary school students won Akhmet Yassawi University educational grants

Today, on April 14, the University of Akhmet Yassawi published the results of the 5th Republican subject Olympiad “Yassawi”, held within the “Five social initiatives” of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev. According to its results, the most talented 77 students of secondary schools of the country won educational grants of the university. In this traditional representative competition in 11 core subjects, about 6,500 11-grade students from 14 oblasts, as well as cities Astana, Almaty participated.

At the solemn ceremony of awarding the president of  Akhmet Yassawi university, professor U. Abdibekov and the First Vice-President, professor M. Kutalmysh handed in the diplomas of 1,2,3-th degrees and registered certificates to the winners of the competition. The best 77 secondary school students became holders of university educational grants, and they were granted the right to free education at Akhmet Yassawi University, provided that the UNT test exams were successfully passed. The President of the IKTU, professor U. Abdibekov, announced that for all those who did not qualify for grants, but received certificates of participants, the following benefits are provided: provided they successfully pass the UNT test exams, they can participate in the competition for 700 Turkish educational grants to be held August 25 this year. Happy owners of grants in their speeches expressed their great gratitude to the university for the support of talented youth, as well as for an objectively and openly held competition.

The Olympiad lasted for 3 months, on the 1st round on-line from March 1 to March 4, attended about 6,500 students, the second round was held on the basis of the university with the participation of 454 students, of which 77 became winners and holders of university educational grants .

Following the results of the 5th Republican Subject Olympiad “Yassawi”, we publish the list of 77 educational grant holders. Congratulations to all the winners!