The winners of the Regional Subject Olympiad are determined

On January 4-5, 2013, at the Ahmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University a Regional Academic Competition was held, organized by the Department of Education of the Turkestan Region.
46710 students from 804 schools, 26640 students from 740 schools of the district took part in the first school stage of the competition, and 1003 students from 398 schools of the regional stage demonstrated their knowledge.

Of the 398 schools participating in the regional subject Olympiad, 290 are rural, 108 are urban. Of the 1003 pupils, 653 are rural, 350 are pupils of urban schools.

Of the 1003 students, 505 tested their knowledge of social sciences and humanities, 498 subjects in the natural and mathematical sciences.

According to the results of the first round, 602 students went to the second round, as a result of which the total number of students I – 45 students, second place – 86 students and 3rd  place – 129 students.

№ 3 “School-boys’ school” “Bilim-innovatsiya” (Knowledge and Innovation) of the Kentau city of took the 25th place in the social-humanitarian and natural-mathematical disciplines.

In the team competition, a specialized boarding school of the Zhetisay district (20 place), a specialized boarding school in Kentau (19th place).

The best place in the division is the city of Turkestan (18th place), Zhetysay district (16 place), Tulkubas district (16 place), N.Ondasynov boarding school “Daryn” of the city of Turkestan (15 place), Kentau (14 place).

32 students from the Turkestan region and 45 students in the natural and mathematical sciences will take part fourth stage in the republican competition.