Today at the K.A.Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University the Senate was held. There was a discussion of important issues, managers and all departments shared their views.

University President Bolatbek Abdrasilov took note of a number of topical issues, such as the organization of the Samit of the Turkic World, the festival and the organization of an international conference together with the production of dual education (KTZ), and the participation of students in the Yassawi competition.

Opportunities for attracting professionals in the field of art to conduct trainings to improve the creative achievements and practical skills of students of the Faculty of Arts of the University are considered. In response to the above proposals, the head of the university, Bolatbek Abdrasilov, called on the team to work together.

The results of the winter session for the 2018-2019 school year were announced by Omirbek Umbetuly, Vice President for Academic Affairs. In addition, Kamalbek Meirbekuly, Vice-president for development of research and innovation infrastructure, shared his annual results.

  1. As a result of the introduction of modern teaching methods and new educational technologies, the objectivity of evaluation has increased according to the results of the winter one. University student progress has increased from 83% to 89%. In the summer, 2,147 students had an academic debt, and, according to the latest winter exams, there were 458 students. The university conducted an online survey, “Taza Yemtihan” and measures were taken.
    2. In the field of science, the issue of increasing the responsibility of scientific leaders, departments in respect of dissertations and processes of graduate student’s defense were considered. It was decided to raise the status of university scientific journals. The head of state announced that young scientists will be allocated funds for the development of research and start-up projects. In this regard, it was noted that young scientists actively participated in relevant grant competitions and presented projects. It is expected that about 150 university scientists will study in English according to special programs.
  2. The price of complex meals in the canteen at the first stage was reduced from 1,000 to 300 tenge, and since this year is declared the year of youth, meals will cost 250 tenge.
  3. a) the salary of 729 employees of the University was increased.
  4. b) the increase in awards for candidates of sciences, doctors of sciences, doctors of sciences increased by 1.5 times for an academic degree. These and other issues raised at the session of the Senate were finalized and assessed as satisfactory for current reports.

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