The university hosted an interregional conference with the participation of UN representatives

An inter-regional conference on the topic “Digital technologies of human resource management in government bodies: human potential management and change management”, aimed at professionalizing the state apparatus, was held at our university with the participation of UN representatives. The conference was attended by employees of the Personnel Management Service of public authorities in the Turkestan region and employees of the Department of the Agency for Public Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Shymkent and Kyzylorda Oblast, as well as directors of departments of the Shymkent and Kyzylorda Districts of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event was attended by a world expert in the field of information and communication technologies, a specialist in the field of computer engineering and public policy, a representative of ARSIST organization aimed at enhancing human potential and socio-economic stability in the Member States of the United Nations in the Asia-Pacific region, Salim Zougby, who spoke about the experience of managing human resources and their adaptation to constant change. He also thanked the head of the university Bolatbek Serikbaevich and vice president Sholpan Yesimova for organizing the conference.

“Human resources and human resources management is one of the important areas in your country. The main issues for today are: the first is the digitization of the civil service, the second is the constant changes, that is, the transfer from one post to another, etc. Today’s seminar will focus on fair governance in government, digitizing human resources management and the continuous transformation of public administration. ”

University rector Bolatbek Abrasilov in his speech said:

– In the last academic year, the Higher School of Management and Economics was opened at our university. The school is based on technology adopted by the Academy of Public Administration. Future civil servants will receive specialized training. In addition, the Young Civil Servant school also opened, which was opened in 2018. These schools were open to graduate students to gain the necessary experience. Students who study there, adapt to practical activities and will receive an appropriate diploma. The school provides employment opportunities and its activities continue this year. Our university has more than 1000 professors and staff. Of these, 69 doctors of sciences, 280 candidates of science, 85 candidates of science, 46 professors and 127 associate professors. And 34 specialists are foreign scientists. Currently, 8662 students, 579 graduate students, 77 doctoral students, 187 residents, 662 students of the preparatory department and 10 167 students study at the university. 13-14 percent of the total number are foreign students of 40 nationalities from 19 countries. also undergraduate and graduate students in public administration: economics, management, accounting and auditing, finance, public and local government. In addition, our university has close ties with employers.