Kazakhstan In A New Reality: Time For Action

Today, on September 1, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev published the Message “Kazakhstan In A New Reality: Time For Action” and presented a strategy for the country’s further development.

The message was listened to live by the staff of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after H.A.Yassawi. The message raised a number of initiatives, such as improving the efficiency of public administration, developing the economy, agriculture, science and education, small and medium-sized businesses, the financial sector and social security of Kazakhstanis.

One of the priorities mentioned in the Address is the development of education. President K.K. Tokayev said that from January 2021, teachers’ salaries will be increased by 25%. The President also instructed to improve the distance education system.

The President of our university Bolatbek Abdrasilov noted that the Address gives a number of instructions on education and science, especially on distance education. He noted that the transfer of 1% of the profits of large enterprises, especially in the field of raw materials, to the development of science and technology is a great support for scientists.

In addition, the Address sets out an important task – the creation of a single online platform with all the necessary functions for full-fledged distance learning.

First Vice President Cengiz Tomar emphasized the importance of specific reforms in the field of quality education, increasing teachers’ salaries, and contributing to the country’s development based on international experience in science. He noted that it is especially delightful that 500 scientists are trained annually in the world’s leading research centers, as well as 1000 research grants are allocated within the framework of the “Young Scientist” project.

The main task of developing special program documents for the development of science in the country is to use the potential of science to solve specific problems at the national level.

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