Isabekova Akerke Zhumabaikyzy
Editor of the Information Center


The Information Center, opened in 2013, serves to demonstrate the university’s core goals. Rapid reporting in mass-media is the main task of the Information Center, a clear demonstration of the mobilization service.

  • Information Center – information on all directions of the university. The Center works through the media to improve the reputation of the institution and build a right attitude. Among the most important of them are:
  • Formation of a positive image of the educational institution;
  • University promotion;
  • Providing information to many readers through modern methods, available technology, and the Internet;
  • Conclusion of contracts with republican and regional editions;
  • Organization of press conferences, daily routine work.

Also, the publication of important information and achievements of the university in the media (television, radio, newspapers, news agencies) in the Republic. It also disseminates information about the academic achievements of the faculty and staff, the activity of students.

It keeps updating and updating news and events in social networks (fasebook, twitter, V CONTAKTE, google +). Besides, on behalf of the head of the university will prepare festive wishes, greetings, jubilee recipes, and text of condolences.


Aru Onaybek


Iskakov Nuritdin Ikramuly

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