Women's Council

The council protects creativity, economical and social interests, women freedom and rights, intellectual labour of women who work at the university, moreover help to develop spiritual and material values. The Chairwomen of the Women Council is professor G.G. Erkebaeva.

The main goals of the Women Council:

-to increase social activity of female empolees and students;

-to give juridical advice, provide with information;

-to develop  relationship and intellect;

-to support female researchers, to offer psychological assistance;

-to improve work conditions for women;

-to organize scientific, cultural, juridical seminars, conferences and parties;

-to publicize the role of women  in Kazakh tradition.

The main function of the Women Council:

-to keep contact with medical centers to improve women health;

-to publicize research activities of the female scientists of the university;

-to try to find ways of improving women’s material and moral conditions.

-to help with social and legal issues between family and the women;

-to conduct survey among female employees;

-to  protect woman labour;

-to propagandize healthy lifestyle;

-to hold sports events among  female employees;

-to organize Round tables to discuss women issues.

-to develop  charity activities.