Youth center

The brightest and the most interesting period of each student and the former student is the university period of his life. The university has created all opportunities for energetic and willing students.

Students self-governing is an active environment which gives opportunities to realize purposes and obligations by critical thinking and caring about the society.

Students self-governing is realized on the level of academic groups and faculties. As a subject of self-governing groups, faculties, student organizations of the university have their independence. They are: faculty youth activities committee, student rectorate and deans offices, dormitory  youth councils, students research community, student clubs on their interests, monitors  board, students’ adviser, institutions, student squads and labour teams, students “ Green country” program teams, student police assistant teams, students “Zhaidarman” league, students creativity  and esthetic center, different literary clubs and art clubs, Youth Parliament, Kazakhstan Youth Alliance and others.

In the youth center:

  • The system which forms patriotic, spiritual and humanity qualities and develops students individual peculiarities was established;
  • Qualified administrative  system was established which is responsible for university discipline;
  • Financial mechanism works to motivate students out of class services;
  • Students self-governing organization leads active work.