Simulation Center

To comply fully with the current educational standards in medicine, there was opened the Center of Practical Skills in the 2013-2014 academic year. From 2015-2016 it was transformed into a simulation center. In this center, trainees are trained and improve their practical skills in various fields of medicine.
The main purpose of the center is giving methodological, material-technical support to realize and improve practical skills of future specialists.
The main principles of the center are:

  • to provide all student with methodical complexes, medical plaster casts, mannequin and robot simulators;
  • to use advanced methods in training and assessment of practical skills;
  • to acquire with increasingly complex practical skills from course to course by students;
  • to improve continuously the information-methodological and material-technical base of the educational process.
    Currently, the simulation center is equipped with dummies, mannequins and high-tech simulators robots.