Our university aims to educate students from Turkic-speaking states and communities in one location. We strive to cultivate individuals with the ability to exercise free and scientific thought, possess modern knowledge and skills, exhibit a sense of social responsibility, respect human rights, maintain tolerance, adhere to national and moral values, embrace curiosity, promote research and entrepreneurship, uphold democratic and secular state principles, and demonstrate a sense of history and identity. We also aim to make contributions to science and society through various research and development activities.

Admission of Students from the Turkic World:

The Rectorate selects students from Turkic Republics and Turkic and Related Communities. The commission established by the Rectorate evaluates online applications based on determined criteria, and selects students accordingly.

Our university accepts 250 students from Turkic Republics and Related Communities to undergraduate programmes. Among the students set to be admitted, 200 students shall receive a complete scholarship (education support scholarship from the Republics of Turkey and Kazakhstan, inclusive of travel fees to and from their countries once a year) whilst 50 students shall receive the Turkey Quota.  Students are responsible for their own living expenses.

1) What options does the University offer for students from Turkey?

Admissions are open for students from Turkic States and Related Communities and Kazakhstan. The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan allocates 200 scholarship quotas to students from Turkic States and Related Communities. The Republic of Turkey grants a quota to 50 individuals. Students from Turkey are part of the 200 quotas provided by the Ministry.

Those who obtain this quota from Turkey and Turkic States and Related Communities are eligible for double scholarships from both Kazakhstan and Turkey. In addition, providing accommodation is a top priority for these students, and they receive transportation fee support twice a year for arrival and departure during their study period in an amount determined according to the respective countries.

2 ) Furthermore, what opportunities are available for students from other countries?

Those from Turkic states and related communities receive dual scholarships from both Kazakhstan and Turkey. Furthermore, the provision of accommodation is a top priority for these students and transportation expenses are supported twice yearly for their arrival and departure during their academic tenure in an amount determined by the respective countries.

Please provide details on the ways in which you accept international students, such as the number of countries in which you conduct exams and whether you accept students through contracted institutions and organizations.

Admission of international students follows the approved quotas divided among Turkish states and related communities as stated in the Board of Trustees Meeting. Every March, recruitment information is shared in four languages through our university website and social media channels.        

Based on the applications submitted, we conduct in-person exams with candidates from nearby regions. Candidates from other areas undergo auditing via the online testing module to ensure the reliability of the exams.

We do not accept students from contracted institutions or organizations. We independently handle document acceptance and evaluation, examination, and admission processes.