Center for career development and relations with employers – provides organization and passing of professional practice of students, contributing to the employment of graduates, assistance to the professional development and career guidance, supervision and monitoring.

Center for career development and relations with employers:

Center for career development and relations with employers organizes professional practice of university students, contributes to the employment of graduate students, and creates statistics for graduates.

The main tasks of the Center for career development and relations with employers:

  • determine the mechanism of employment of university graduates with vacancies at the labor market;
  • information communication with faculty, departments, employers;
  • continuous search for high quality of work in the development of new technology related to science and technology development;
  • organization of job fairs, companies and firms presentations;
  • conduct surveys and analyze the students of the university to familiarize themselves with the goals, types of activities and satisfaction of employers;
  • establish contacts with the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health, Regional Education, Public Health Department and organize pre-employment arrangements for graduates;
  • providing information on career development opportunities for students of various institutions, companies;
  • individual consultation with students and graduates on employment;
  • conduct questionnaires to determine the level of satisfaction between students and employers;
  • Surveys and analysis of graduates;
  • monitoring of graduates who are employed;
  • to study the ways of applying measures for the employment of graduates of other universities and make suggestions on the implementation of their effective work;
  • collecting and coordinating general information about graduates;
  • preparing and submitting electronic CVs;
  • participation in conferences of organization, closing, conclusion of professional practice;
  • participation in the accounting for professional practice and summarizing the final minutes;
  • determine the employment of graduates by checking the State Center for Pension Payments (SCPP).