Debates among university students


On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Independence, a city tournament of debates among universities for the Rector’s Cup on the topic “Independence is my support” was held in Shymkent. At the organized by the International Humanitarian and Technical University and the Center for Discussions “Rhetoric” our students won prizes. In particular, student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences Agabek Atabek and student of the Faculty of Medicine Saparkul Zhansaya took the third place, and student of the Faculty of Social Sciences Miras Kuspanov received an honorable mention.

32 teams from Shymkent, Almaty, Turkestan and other cities took part in the competition. Our students were congratulated on the victory by Amirekul Abuov, Vice President for Social Support and Education of the International Kazakh-Turkish University.

Debate is the American Parliamentary Format (APF), a competition of parliamentary arguments, ingenuity and rhetorical qualities. The proposed solution will be discussed by two teams, each of which consists of two players – the government and the opposition. A new solution is selected for each round. The speaker of the Chamber will lead the discussion. He is also a competition judge.

This type of debate is widespread among university students. The APF format is divided into two types: political and values. There is a real problem in the political format, and ways of solving it are being considered. And in the Value format, values compete, the problem is not posed, and the chambers support the position yes / no, agree / disagree. Our students competed in a political format.

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